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Fate Stay Night

2008-10-21 21:19:20 by Death-9

Fate Stay Night is an amazing show. I also have the game now. It's an H-game, and even has english patches for 2/3 of it :)

I'll tell you about it now.

The main character, Emiya Shiro, is a half-ass mage who can't really do anything cool. He gets thrown into this battle for the Holy Grail, and gets control of this "Servant" who goes by the name Saber. Not knowing how to do magic, how to battle, or what the fuck he's gotten into, he partners up with Rin Tosaka, another fellow "Master".

The character development is incredible, to say the least. I must give kudos to the seiyuu's who did all the voicing, Fate Stay Night was one of the best voice castings I've heard. You really get in touch with all the characters, and can connect on a lot of levels with each of them (OK, everyone except Ilya).

The artwork is amazing, though I did spy some recycled animations and corner-cutting here and there. That's to be expected, although I wish they didn't rush the artists as much. I'd rather wait another day or two for a higher-quality show, personally.

The battles are really intense, and a lot of attention is paid to keeping them from being repetitive. Plenty of twists and cool events change the course of battles.

Overall, I'd give this show a 50/50. Here's how I break down the grading, in case you're interested:

Development: 10/10
Plot: 10/10
Art/Animation: 10/10
Comic Relief (only applies to non-comedy shows): 10/10
Specialization proficiency (for example: if it's action, are the action scenes awesome?): 10/10

Heck, there's even a scene where Rin Tosaka forces Saber and Emiya to have sex in order to save Saber from dying (To replenish her mana and save Saber, Emiya needs to transfer a magical circuit to Saber, and the more physical contact, the more likely it is to work). Don't worry, the show's still PG-13 ;)

Here's a gratuitous picture of Saber.

Oh, and same as before, if you want to remix a newer song of mine, is a good place to get me at.

Fate Stay Night


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2008-11-02 20:35:38


Death-9 responds:

Yes, sir. You do win.

Your prize is a big shit I just took